Divorce Father Son Re-union

Divorce Father Son Re-union

These past many months have been frustrating for both myself and my client, a separated father of a 7 year son. I won’t be using any names to protect their privacy. Frustrating, for the father because his son has apparently decided to have nothing to do with him, and frustrating for me because the legal system often doesn’t have all the answers.

This father actually stepped aside from his court ordered parenting time when the son became violent towards him and others, thinking that it would be a temporary interruption. Hopeful, in the interim his son would receive the professional help he needed to address and resolve any emotional issues, especially those standing in the way of a healthy father son relationship.

Even telephone calls, or video sessions between the father and his son would result in the son displaying a violent and emotional meltdown.

But differences arose between the parents as to the nature and type of professional assistance, and like with most separated parents counselling requires mutual consent. If consent can’t be obtained, as happened in this matter, the only recourse is a court order, but even with the benefit of a psychologists recommendations, neither the other parent, or court, would support the child being enrolled in a recommended counselling program. One of which was an intensive two year private program designed to facilitate healing estranged relationships between parent and child.

However, I am pleased to note that I just received confirmation from counsel for the mother, one week before court proceedings were to resume, that she is now prepared to enroll the son in the recommended program.

I can only hope for both father and son that this healing journey will eventually result in a loving father, son re-union.

After all, I have always believed, both personally and professionally, every child needs, and deserves, the benefit of two loving parents, regardless of the parent’s living arrangements.

(If this situation resembles your own, don’t hesitate to check out both private, and government funded programs. There are some I can certainly recommend.)

Please don’t hesitate to call me Scott Taylor at 604-534-6361

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